TheWarlockCast Ep1: 'Queeny the Operator'

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  • Song Name: 'Queeny the Operator'
  • Artist: TheWarlockCast
  • Year: 2012

Tom and Steven read e-mails, moan and check the news, Assassins Creed 3 and an extra special interruption by the Monarch.

TheWarlockCast. Hosted by two inept Brits Steven and Tom discuss topics such as: Gaming, Politics, Media and other guff. Plus Special guests.

Tom is hell bent on...something and enjoys a variety of things like games, sport and films. (Also known as Deltaday)
Steven is a man without merit he will do and say things that may be unexpected... (Known as Penguin87 on Minecraft)

We play all sorts of games from Minecraft to Fable and other cool games. And we enjoy any audience participation so send us your questions, stories etc to: