Warlock Village Ep1 'Boris's Juicy Bird'

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  • Song Name: Warlock Village Ep1 'Boris's Juicy Bird'
  • Artist: TheWarlockCast
  • Year: 2012

Every first mortgage payment leads on to less adventures. Or did I misread it?
Here begins a new farce. Er, I mean farcical series that may include references (to earlier podcasts, go listen to them can't recommend enough)

A fantasy village set in England, just off the M62, is where a lot of strange poo is going down...I swear I said that wrong...

Has classic characters from the Queen to Billy Connolly and the one and only Boris Johnson himself.

This time: Boris discovers that the Queen did not enjoy 2012 as much as everyone else did, and Billy Connolly shares his sack with children. Wait! Santa sack...er, enjoy the show...